I’m Meghan Murphy, possibly the most cancelled woman in Canada. I have been angering feminists and the left alike for well over a decade now, despite having spent most of my life as a socialist and feminist.

I no longer identify as such, which I discuss often and (I hope) honestly right here on my Substack. My move towards independent thought and open conversation has been a huge gift to me and my worldview, and though many of those I left behind now call me a sellout, I in fact lost much in my move away from devout “ist” to simply me.

I left Canada in January 2021, fleeing Trudeau’s ever encroaching Covid mandates and measures, as well as what I saw as a clear move to erase, destroy, silence, censor, or even criminalize dissent in my home country.

My home base is now a small, chaotic, unpredicatible, magical town in Mexico, full of lizards, dogs, and weirdos. I return to North America whenever I can to fight, but for now, anyway, prefer living in small community with people who value freedom and autonomy (as well as fun).

I support free speech, free thought, open debate, and admitting when one is wrong. My aim is to encourage truth and integrity, and embolden the masses to speak out.

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I have been working as and independent writer and podcaster since about 2011. I built my platform from the ground up, collecting an audience and subscribers organically along the way. I never had a plan beyond saying what I thought needed to be said and seeking a better understanding of the world around me. Staying independent is incredibly important to me, though it is endlessly challenging on the survival level.

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I am so grateful to have you here at The Same Drugs. For the many of you who have asked, the name is both an homage to Chance’s track of a similar name (read the lyrics to better understand that) and a reference to a move I felt I was making in my own personal life but also that I felt many of us were making towards the heterodox — a mass waking up with a desire for truth and authenticity 🧡

(And yes, that shirt up there is for sale.)

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