Sep 7 • 57M

April Hutchinson is a Canadian powerlifter who won't lose her sport to men

In this episode, I speak with April Hutchinson, a Canadian powerlifter who is fighting back against a man competing (and beating women's records) in her sport

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Meghan Murphy
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April Hutchinson is a Canadian powerlifter who has overcome child sexual trauma, alcoholism, and is now fighting to save her sport from men. Hutchinson, a member of the Canadian powerlifting team, spoke out after discovering a 6'2" male going by the name Anne Andres was competing as a woman. Andres claimed the gold medal at the Canadian Powerlifting Union's women's regional championship in August, lifting 1,327lbs (calculated from the combined weight of three lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift), beating out the closest competition by 470lbs, setting multiple National and and Unofficial World Records for "women." He then blamed April for the potential destruction of her sport.

I spoke with April about her life and why she decided to fight back.