Oct 12, 2022 • 1HR 51M

Bonus episode! What's the real story behind #DropKiwiFarms

I speak with internet expert, Karen Tumajz, about everything Kiwi Farms and why Cloudflare dropped the forum.

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Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy and guests embrace authenticity, and have real, honest discussions about culture, politics, relationships, internet wars, the media social justice, cancel culture, and more. Conversations outside the algorithm.
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Let's play insider baseball!

Last month, after enormous public pressure, led by a Twitch streamer and trans activist known as “Keffals” (Clara Sorrenti) and encouraged by roundly awful media coverage and journalists who failed to do any fact-checking, so ended up reporting numerous lies, Cloudflare dropped Kiwi Farms.

While outlets like Vice, the CBC, an…

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