Jun 22 • 1HR 1M

Can mental health issues be cured with a pill?

On the podcast, I speak with Dr. Roger McFillin about Big Pharma, mental health, and truths people don't want to hear

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Meghan Murphy
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Dr. Roger McFillin is a Clinical Psychologist, writer, speaker, and the host of the Radically Genuine podcast. Earlier this month, Roger’s YouTube channel mysteriously disappeared after he posted a video challenging the prescribing of antidepressants to youth. After some high profile Twitter users spoke out about the apparent censorship, YouTube restored the channel, but what gives? Can we really not criticize Big Pharma narratives online? And why are so many people falling for these narratives after all we’ve seen from these corporations?

I spoke with Roger about the efficacy of drugs claiming to treat "depression" and "ADHD," the truth about these diagnoses, what some better ways might be to improve your mental health, and why it’s so hard to talk about this stuff in public forums.