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Chest is best

Mary Lou Singleton, Genevieve Gluck, and myself discuss male "breastfeeding"

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The CDC and the NHS claim men can breastfeed babies and that this is not only harmless, but exactly as beneficial to babies as their mother's milk. In a letter from the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, Dr Rachael James, Medical Director for the NHS trust uses the term “human milk” as it is “neutral and not gender biased.” We She goes on to say: “Although formula milk provides safe and effective full nutrition for infants, there is clear and overwhelming evidence that human milk is the ideal food for infants when this can be provided.” Kate Luxion, a research fellow in Creative Global Health at UCL told the BBC: “It’s not a new conversation – there are studies from back in the 90s that talk about the ‘sameness’ of milk from the birth mother and the co-lactating mother: there’s no difference.”

What is going on?! Genevieve Gluck, co-founder of Reduxx, joins myself and

to discuss.

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