Tara's comments were illuminating because she discussed tensions over (the lack of) POV variety inside the CBC an outsider like me would never discover. Also, I found myself surprised at her orientation to hip-hop and the value she found there ("...universalist feel..."). I've never listened to hip-hop, but hearing her comments makes me interested.

One question: at the beginning of the interview (~8:00), Tara says that "...the whole woke ideology is something that I think has some useful elements to it as well." I'd be interested to hear her discuss those specific elements (no intent to corner her; I really would like to hear her point of view). I'm surprised you didn't follow-up. That's a heck of a statement coming from a well-thinking, articulate journalist who took much personal risk to resign from the CBC. Right now, my pavlovian repulsion to all things Woke is comprehensive, but if Tara is able to render some virtue in it having been through so much, then I can reconsider.

Another great discussion, Meghan. Thanks.

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Thanks for this interesting interview. I wondered if there had been any discussion in Canada about Trudeau's links with the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.

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