Pretty lol that you removed my comment suggesting that you're not a feminist and should stick to writing about how much you appreciate pole dancers and manpandering :)

Your other website is almost dead, and the few comments you have are from from loud men shouting at women. Ever since you told women everywhere that stripping was great and men who abuse strippers are just misunderstood. Ever since you made the claim that radfems were abusing you, but offered absolutely no proof.

Where abusing means comments like this right? Non threatening comments that don't cause you any harm at all. You're just not used to being told the truth.

Time to drop the "feminist" moniker right? What's that word you enjoy using - retarded. It's a bit retarded to call yourself a feminist when your comments repeatedly boost men who use slurs against women and silence women who defend themselves against misogynists.

Isn't this the bit where you start screaming about how women are literally threatening your life? PS, it's retarded to claim harassment when nobody is harassing you. A comment isn't harassment love.

Nobody's threatening you. This isn't hate. It's just satisfying to tell you finally what you will never allow to be said on your highly moderated site.

You're not a feminist. You're a manpanderer. You're past your sell by date. Your site is a joke and has been ever since you started slagging women off and defending creepy men.

Time to rebrand from the same shit.

There's a whole world of "journalism" out there for manpanderers. Wear another low cut top and do a bit of giggling and flirting again. You'll be fine.

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Great interview as always. I’m curious now that Elon has officially bought Twitter, if they offered you the opportunity to get back on the platform, would you go back?

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