Nov 25, 2022 • 1HR 5M

Pamela Garfield-Jaegar is bringing truth to therapy

Pamela Garfield-Jaegar calls herself "The Truthful Therapist." I spoke with her about the over-diagnosing of mental illness, addiction, "trans kids," and more.

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Meghan Murphy
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Pamela Garfield-Jaegar calls herself "The Truthful Therapist." She has spent over 20 years as a social worker and therapist, and is now working to help parents and youth navigate an evermore politicized therapy industry, where more and more kids are being medicalized unnecessarily, and where parents and therapists alike are pressure to prioritize ideology over truth. She runs an Instagram account that is openly critical of the transitioning of kids, a rare thing to see in this day and age. I spoke with her about over-diagnosing mental illness and over-prescribing pharmaceuticals, as well as the problems with narratives surrounding "trans kids."