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Great conversation. I learned a lot!

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interesting interview. I don't have a connected television set, but Tucker Carlson first came to my attention when I saw on the internet his interview with Kara Dansky. It is SO hard for those of us who have reality based minds to be heard and he listened and talked with her respectfully. nice to hear your take on him.

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Really fun interview, Meghan. Thanks to Chadwick.

Tucker as a movement. Didn't think of that but I can see why.

Tucker on X Episode 24 (interview with Argentina's Javier Milei) has 413 million 'views' after 3 days (not sure how those are counted). Even if half of the episode's hits actually watched the interview that's a viewership almost two-thirds the size of the US. A movement indeed.

Agree that Fox movers and shakers are stupid to think he was just a host. Unless...it isn't about the money. As Chadwick said, it's probably "unarguable" that the split was ideological. But doesn't that mean that businesses like Fox have turned a corner? If it's more about gaslighting and controlling the narrative than it is about profit (we left "journalism" as a purpose a LONG time ago), then Fox and big media are more dangerous than I thought. They've become weapons instead of information brokers, imperfect as they were.

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Tucker was unknown to me until I discovered Joe Rogan, to whom I was introduced by my African-American personal trainer. So much for Rogan the racist. Anyway, Joe interviewed Bret Weinstein, co-host of the Dark Horse Podcast. He and his wife had lost their professorships at Evergreen State College because of a social justice campus meltdown over race. At some point Bret mentioned that Tucker had him on the show to discuss what happened at Evergreen. Tucker was the only television journalist to do so. I watched that interview on YouTube and discovered that Tucker was a sympathetic guy who understood the implications of the mob-fueled insanity of critical race theory that had taken over college campuses in 2017. He's an advocate of free speech, just like me! And he often features Glenn Greenwald -- another of my media heroes -- to discuss First Amendment issues.

Then I noticed that he had Kara Dansky on the show to talk about the travesty of allowing male rapists and murderers to be housed in women's prisons. He interviewed her a bunch of times, including an hour-long interview, and he always uploaded those interviews to YouTube so that millions of people could see them. He also interviewed other radical feminists on the same topic. Guess who didn't? Supposedly lesbian-feminist hero Rachel Maddow. Or anybody else on the liberal side.

After Tucker got canned, I found him on YouTube and listened to his interesting and well-written pieces regarding corporatism, war, political corruption, etc. He's witty, entertaining and cogent, with a fairness and blunt honesty that is almost nonexistent in mainstream liberal journalism. When he posts one of his speeches on YouTube (in Hungary, or Michigan, or the Heritage Foundation), I always watch. His ability to speak without a script is remarkable.

We have our differences: I'm an atheist and pro-abortion, and I'm not a fan of Trump, although I'm not terrified of Trump either. I don't hate or stereotype his followers, and I don't suffer from TDS. But when I see my otherwise intelligent brother-in-law start to choke and sweat at the mere mention of Tucker Carlson's name, I can't help but think, what the heck is the matter with that guy? Did he swallow a spider?

Thanks, Meghan, for featuring Chadwick Moore. It was heartening to hear from another gay person besides myself who hasn't drunk the social justice Kool-Aid and who tries to look at things objectively. It's a good, worthwhile interview. Hopefully it will open some minds.

(And p.s., there was nothing wrong with your mike on my end.)

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NOTHING is what the left says it is. 😁

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