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Hey Meghan, it makes sense to me too. I'm nearly 40 now and I care a lot more about the substance of someone's work than the labels they use. I'm still calling myself a feminist, but friends have pointed out to me that when people hear that, they don't know I mean 'not the fun kind' and that I'm anti porn, anti prostitution and pro-woman above all. You've been really instrumental in making me think outside a narrow scope of who is 'acceptable' as an ally, or even to speak to, and I think I'm a going to be a more pragmatic and effective women's rights fighter for it.

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I agree with you. I no longer identify as a feminist. The term, like so many others, left, right, liberal, conservative, socialist puts us in a box. It affects, and restricts, how others hear us.

I am an independent thinker.

I'm 88 years old and have been around long enough to have seen the changes to feminism over the years, some good, others detrimental. It is time to come together as women freed from the strictures of feminist box.

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You're still one of the bestest feminists I know. And I still want my daughters to grow up to be just like you. But yes everything you said there did make a lot of sense.

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at the age of 56 i still am a feminist. my mother was too. but not the old kind or the new kind. our own kind. the type that loves humanity, motherhood, children, women and gentle men.

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