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I wondered if the youtube "3 strikes and you're out" policy meant that you were almost certain to be dumped eventually. Unless they reset the count if you've had no black marks after 1 year say.

I'm in the UK and Megan is Canadian but YouTube is an American company. With some people if you try to argue that the US constitution guarantees freedom of expression then people say well YouTube is like an individual and it has the right to block users and content if it wants. Which in a way I understand. The problem is that YouTube has such a hold, almost like a monopoly, on that field there's almost no other choice. Perhaps we should try to persuade Elon Musk to buy YouTube or set up an alternative.

I'm also a big fan of Konstantin Kisin. Just finished reading his book "An immigrants love letter to the west"

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At a guess from someone with absolutely no "insider" or "background" knowledge, with all the "new" information coming out they're trying to minimize the "told you so"s drawing attention to their failures and deliberate lies in the past.

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There's no such thing as "misinformation policy" in a society that values free exchange and individual liberty. In such a society, thoughtful retort and public access to information puts the lie to wildly inaccurate or malevolent claims. That, in turn, leaves the most meaningful and consequential issues up for useful debate (i.e. how to balance bodily autonomy and public health in a way that best preserves freedom?).

As I review my own comment before posting it, it all sounds so naive to me now. How horrible is that?

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I endorse your idea of utilizing Rumble as much as possible. They're committed to free speech and they won't censor you. You probably know that in February, Rumble sued the State of New York on First Amendment grounds and won (see Volokh v. James).)

I searched for the "Affirmation Generation" documentary on Rumble and sure enough, there it was, in full. Meanwhile, YouTube is allowing only a few one-minute clips. Pathetic.

Between Rumble and Substack you can make a go of it. Let YouTube wallow in misinformation, who needs them? I'm looking forward to listening to your conversation with Stephanie Winn.

As always, thanks for all you do.

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Meghan, I noticed Spotify no longer has your latest interview with Konstantin from last week. Is there a reason why it was removed?

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