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EARLY ACCESS: Why has America become the most dangerous place to give birth?

I spoke with Cynthia Overgard about hypnobirthing, why C-sections are being pushed on women in the US, and 'inclusive language' in the birthing community

How did America, of all places, become the most dangerous place for a woman to give birth? Why have c-sections been on the rise in recent decades? Why do so many women have traumatic birth experiences in the hospital? How can those experiences be improved, in order for the mother to feel empowered? And why is the birthing community adopting “gender neutral” language like “chest feeding” and “birthing person” to describe something inarguably sexed?

Cynthia Overgard is a hypnobirthing instructor and host and producer of the Down To Birth podcast. I spoke with her about all these issues and more.

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