Never heard the word second wave feminism until about ten years ago.


Most of the things that women were fighting for in the 1970s we are still fighting for today.

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Great stuff. I always look forward to your interviews. 👍

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May 10, 2023·edited May 10, 2023

Interesting podcast.

Here's a thought... women ARE partially to blame for acquiescing to transgender BS because the failure of 2nd wave Feminism to acknowledge and respect biological differences in speed, size, strength, and vision that have evolved over the millennia, (and which predispose women to be risk averse) allowed trans bio-denialism to flourish.

And here we are.

Talk about chickens coming home to roost UGLY.

On a lighter note, as a Floridian who plays it regularly I MUST say that Pickleball is totally NOT nerdy.

Though easy to learn, when played at slightly higher levels it's fast and furious!

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