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Very good interview.

The discussion of histrionic behavior and, not developing the inner self was right on it. The comparison to looking at a cloud and just experiencing that, without then feeling a need to post it on social media to see how many "likes" you get, was also sadly, on target.

Social media and digital electronics, have for the most part, made people more distant from one and other than ever before. They've warped people's sense of objective reality so badly, that it seems to those younger people who've grown up with them, and couldn't see living without them, that objective reality doesn't exist. Hence the transgender hysteria.

The digital tech communications, cell phones, internet, social media,

offer only the illusion of connectedness.

Again, very good interview.πŸ‘

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Great interview, Meghan. Many thanks.

Really enjoyed Stephanie's comments about how she "wanted to be a good person," and so she initially went along with some transgender trends. Her dialogue speaks to how our otherwise healthy instincts towards social responsibility and positive community can be hijacked by malevolent forces. In this case, the transgender movement.

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Brilliant interview. It represents a caring, almost loving approach to confronting an ideology based on very little of substance. I wish you all the best.

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