Feb 23, 2022 • 1HR 14M

This is a class war: Trish Wood on the Covid response, the media, and disdain for the working class

On the podcast, I speak with Canadian journalist Trish Wood about the harms of the Covid response, media accountability, the role of public health officials, and class divisions in Canada

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Meghan Murphy
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On the podcast, I speak with Trish Wood about the impact of the Covid response, media culpability, and what's next for Canada. Trish is an award-winning Canadian journalist and host of the Trish Wood is Critical podcast. For nearly 10 years she was a host of Emmy Award-winning investigative current affairs series, The Fifth Estate. Trish's latest project is five-part documentary series about the Ted Bundy murders.

This episode was recorded on Wednesday, February 16. 

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