Nov 2, 2022 • 52M

'Vancouver is Dying' — Aaron Gunn on Vancouver's growing drug and crime problem

Why have the problems on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside gotten worse, not better? In this episode, I speak with Aaron Gunn about harm reduction, homelessness, and addiction on the DTES.

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Vancouver's Downtown Eastside has long been notorious for open drug use, homelessness, and crime, but in recent years things have gotten noticeably worse. What was once relegated to a relatively small area of the city has spilled out into many other neighbourhoods, with stranger attacks now happening daily and overdose deaths through the roof. What happened? And how do we fix it?

Aaron Gunn is an independent journalist and host of Politics Explained, a series exploring politics in Canada and the issues facing Canadians today. In this episode, I spoke with him about his documentary, "Vancouver is Dying," and the problems with limiting solutions to “harm reduction.”