thank you. your beautiful writing brings up so much for me. a flood of memories and women i have known. things i have learnt through the years. it feels like there is too much to write. what you say is simply true. always has been. always will be.

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Thank you.

Just in time for Valentines Day too.

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I'm wondering- have you written an article that fully explains the full scope of sex trafficking? Or could you right one?

In my head, I think of trafficking as it's depicted in the movie Taken (girls being kidnapped, drugged, sold, raped).

I think alot of other people think this way as well. But based on reading a few of your pieces, I can tell that there is a lot more nuance and subtlety to the topic. Maybe less people would be celebrating sex work if the had a more comprehensive understanding of what constitutes as trafficking.

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Hey Meghan,

My girlfriend and I watched your podcast about banning porn and we had a good debate about it. A big reason you advocate for banning it is that it advocates harm (ie. sexual assault) inherently by normalizing such acts and also those who get off to that irl have an outlet to watch it.

We are curious to know how that would differ from something like a violent movie depicting violence against women, murder, etc, and would you advocate for something like that to be banned as well?

Also, what would banning porn actually look like in a practical sense? My girlfriend and I agree that it isn't really possible but are curious to hear your thoughts otherwise.

Appreciate your time.

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